Indoor Outdoor Sump Pump Alarm Well Overflow Power Failure AC or DC SMPA1 110/220 VAC

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Sump Alarm SMPA1M Indoor/Outdoor High Water Alarm with 10 foot AC line cord, 6- foot or 12-foot Float cord  Flashing LED Light and Tonal Alarm.  Operates off 120VAC or 220VAC or can be backed up or operated off a 12 volt battery (not included) 

The case is waterproof with rubber seals. For Septic / Sump / Pond & Other Applications.

Monitor your outdoor pump or Septic System Level from a remote location. A visually and audibly notification when a pump is non-operational. The alarm will sound when a high water or pump failure situation occurs. Can be battery backed up with internal trickle charger.

Applications Include: Septic Systems - Outdoor Sump Pump Alarm / Crawl Space Pump Failure - Outdoor Sump Pump Monitor / Septic Pump Failure Alarm - Swimming Pool Sump Pump Monitor / Sump Pump Alarm System - 120 Volt Sump Pump Failure Alarm / Sump Pump Failure Warning - Sump Pump Alert

When a high level alarm condition exists, flashing red light and 80 db tonal alarm become active. Place the float by your pump water well, mount the alarm unit, plug in the unit, and the installation is complete. The alarm unit can be up to 10 feet away from the 110 Volt outlet.


Includes sump alarm counter weigh. 6 foot ( 2m ) or12 foot ( 4 m ) float cord.

Waterproof Alarm unit- Wall or panel mount.

Has rear mounting bracket.

Includes wall anchor and screw, zip ties for floats, and instructions

Mercury Free Float Switch is suitable for use with potable water

It can be used in sump pumps, water tanks, lift stations, low density oils and sewage water

Unit is wired for high level alarm, but can be reversed for low level alarm

110 / 220 volts AC power unit with 10 foot low voltage cord. Can also be operated off a 12 volt battery.

Battery Backup:

Internal wires provided to attach your 12 volt chargeable backup battery. The wall mounted power supply will keep your external backup battery charged. We recommend a motorcycle style lead acid or AGM battery.

How it works:

The alarm has a float on a line cord. On the line cord there is an adjustable weight. The weight slides on the cord and is placed in the well at the level you want the alarm to sound. The float switch is hanging below the weight. When the liquid rises to the maximum level of the float switch activates the alarm. This indicates that the liquid has reached an alarm point indicating pump failure.