Hot Waterproof 12v Accessory Power Socket Car Cigarette Lighter Plug Jack MSR+

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Now with Waterproof socket terminal boot and snap on lid. #msr/sbm

Two options on this listing: one for an Accessory Socket and one for a Hot Lighter for pop out lighter plugs.

This first one is for an accessory socket for 12 volt plug and chargers. Not for hot lighter use.  It is slightly longer and capable of carrying more power up to 20 amps at 12 volts. It fits in the same size hole as a standard lighter socket. It is an accessory socket because internally it has a smooth bore, no lighter plug prongs and a heavy duty ceramic base positive contact. 

Most socket have a slip fit socket lid that often does not fit well in hot weather. This socket has a snap on and slip on lid that always fits. Between that and the terminal boot and the all nickel plated construction makes this socket industrial grade.


Cigarette lighter socket with vynl boot, connectors, and opening cap - nickel plated socket outer shell. Other sockets do not have the rust proof nickel plated socket. This listing is for one lighter socket for accessory or hot lighter use. The socket is for 12 volt use up to 20 amps. All Parts are weather resistant and high quality.

The assembly consists of an inner socket that is nickel plated and has a ceramic insulator with copper/brass contacts. A clear/silver accent ring enlarges the socket mounting flange unique to this assembly. The outer insulating shell is also nickel plated and screws onto the inner socket. The assembly comes with two female 0.250 crimp connectors and a vinyl opening cap that seals the opening. The socket mounts in 7/8 inch hole and is held in place with the outer shell in panels up to 1/8 inch thick. The socket boot enclosed the socket body and terminals to keep the connections dry.

Can be used with any lighter plug to light cigarettes or with any 12 Volt accessory plug.