GEM Electric Car Turn Signal Indicator Kit. Fast Installation No Drilling

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Gem electric car turn signal audio indicator - Makes your turn signals Beep when they are on so you can turn them off. #TSI

Drill no holes kit, just connected it up.

Read the great feedback on this item! Over 1000 sold.

For GEM car model year cars e2, e4, e6 1999- 2008. This audio indicator attaches to your existing turn signal wire harness and will give you a audio indication when tour turn signal is on. It beeps in cadence with the flasher and will remind you to switch off the turn signals after the turn. It can be heard over road noise whether your GEM has doors or not. The volume can be reduced if you wish.

Installs in 15 minutes, really.. Requires no soldering, or drilling, uses existing connectors. You do not have to remove the dash cover or crawl under the car. The audio indicator come completely assembled and ready to install. Comes with simple assembly instruction sheet. It installs under the hood and piggybacks onto the existing wire harness.

The kit consists of a small electronic module and three wires uses. The wires use quick connectors that connect to the front parking lights of your GEM.

If for any reason you are unhappy with this return it for a full refund.

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