GEM Electric Car 72 Volt Voltmeter. Monitor Battery Bank Voltage Golf Cart # VMHC-G

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Voltmeter 72 volt range. Monitor your GEM battery bank.
Know the charge state of your batteries.  # VMHC-G clear lens.
For Global Electric Motor Cars or any 72 Volt electric vehicle.
Mounts is a hole 1-1/8" or use the rectangular mounting plate.
Range 40-90 Volts
Draws 5ma.
Display has Red digits. Red lens #VMHR-G
Your choice of red or clear lens.
The life of your battery is diminished when you allow the battery to discharge below the 50% level. 
Your battery usage should be above that point to get maximum battery life. The more frequently you discharge your battery below that point the shorter the battery life.
 Battery charge state:
100%     76.4 Volts 
90          75.7
80          75.0
70          74.2
60          73.4
50          72.6   Maintain charge above this point for maximum battery life.   
40          71.7
30          70.9
20          70.0
10          69.1

When installing the voltmeter make sure the master switch is off. Always install the voltmeter with a 3 amp fuse in series with the meter and wired on the positive lead.