Fits BMW Hella Plug Power Socket Heavy Duty 12V / 24V Truck Boat Car Adapter #hpa10

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Adapter converter that plugs into a Hella, Powerlet or BMW socket and converts it to a 12 volt accessory socket. The plug has a water resistant skirt to protect the plug connection and the 12 volt socket has a cap to seals the opening when not in use. # HPA10

Works with all 12 volt plug types. Plug your iPhone or GPS into your hella socket.

This listing is for one adapter Hella style male plug adapter to 12 volt female socket. The Hella plug is connected to the 12 volt socket on a wire pigtail of 18 gauge wire. The assembly is made out of noncorrosive UV resistant materials. The plug has a vinyl plug skirt that when plugged into the hella style socket will shield the connection from excessive moisture intrusion. The 12 volt socket comes with a front sealing cap. The assembly is rated for 12 amps at 12 volts.

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Not for hot cigarette lighter use.

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