Fast Install Waterproof 9.3 Amp Dual USB Charging Station Switched W/ Wired 12V

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Dual USB charger 9.3 amps with illuminated ( your choice of color) on-off switch panel, includes component jumper wires and 36" fused cable to allow you to wire the panel to your power source. Switch turns on and off the USB chargers. 2ycn/swb3a/3cu/fplt/4sq/a36

Ships from the USA.

Charges iPhones, iPads, iPods, GPS and cellphones.

This listing is for three, dual USB charger and a switch combination that connects to 12 volts. The rocker type switch turns on and off the USB charger so it does not draw power when not in use. The switch is illuminated blue when in the on position. Both the switch and charger are splash proof; the switch has a protective front seal and the USB charger has a front sealing cap. Each charger can charge USB accessories at 3.1 amps with the 5 volt output.

Connections to the wired panel are with 1/4" quick disconnect crimps. The panel has male terminals. jumper wires are provided to allow you to wire up the panel. The 36" wire harness includes a waterproof fuse holder and 15 amp fuse. It connects to the panel an to your battery or power source. The switch and charger mount in 1-1/8" holes and are secured by the mounting plate and four screws. A drill pattern is supplied with this listing. Can be mounted in a panel of unlimited thickness.

The standard switch color with this assembly is blue but you can have your choice on green, red, yellow or black ( non illuminated) by sending us a message immediately after yo u buy this item and we will substitute your choice.