Extreme Weather Cap Accessory Lighter Style Plug Socket, Panel Mount 12V Marine

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Now rubber sealing washer, weather resistant terminal boot and two insulated female crimp/spade connectors. #SRN+#

Why is this socket different than the others being sold that look identical?

-Has a rubber not vinyl cap for a tighter long lasting fit.

-Contacts are plated brass not steel and will not rust.

- Accepts all 12 volt style accessory plug plus a locking plug, which locks in place when twisted in the socket.

- Heavy duty construction.

- Rubber mounting washer for waterproof seal and vibration resistant mount.

- Rubber terminal boot protects wire connections.

This listing is for a female socket kit. The socket is marine grade and is weather and UV resistant. The tight fitting cap seals the socket opening when not in use. The terminal boot cover protects the wire terminal contacts from exposure while providing a wire opening. The contacts are nickel plated brass and the socket body is rugged. The socket mount is vibration resistant when used with the the rubber washer and the washers seals to the panel. It requires an 1 1/8" hole for mounting and has .250 spade type male quick connectors. It can be mounted against a panel with the retaining nut on panels up to 1-1/4" thick or for a thicker panel with the