Extension Hella BMW Powerlet Plug USB Converter Adapter Kit Motorcycle 12 Volt

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Extension kit- Make your own USB charger adapter kit of any length. Just add the wire for your desired length.

For GPS, Cell Phone Chargers.

This kit allows you add your own wire length to make an extension cord of any length with a dual USB charger and cap that fits the German Hella BMW Powerlet type socket. #


No soldering required.

The kit comes with a Hella type plug, 12 volt extension socket, a USB charger with special cap and a plug boot. The plug and socket come with brass contacts a wire pigtail with two butt splice connectors and a length of heat shrink tubing. All you have to do is crimp your wire length cord wires to the butt splice connectors. Slide the heat shrink tubing over the connection and heat the tubing to produce a neat splice. Plug the USB 2.1 amp charger insert into the socket with protective cap o produce your extension of desired length.

Use black lamp cord, available at your local hardware store to produce an extension of any length.

Fits all 12 volt German Powerlet, BMW type sockets. For applications of under up to 10 amps at 12 volts.

Also comes with a plug boot to make the plug socket combination more waterproof. When using a 12 volt plug and socket combination outdoors, there is a gap between the socket and the plug that is susceptible to water entry. The plug boot slides over any cigarette lighter plug or accessory plug . When the plug is inserted into the power outlet / socket, the boot presses up against the socket surface and forms a seal. No more blown fuses or intermittent operation.