96" heavy Duty Extension Cord DIN Hella BMW Powerlet Plug Socket Extender#HB+SBPN+ Ghrn96+hpLg/PBA

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Extension Cord, BMW Powerlet Hella male on one end and female on the other- 8 ft. (96 inches) long. #HB+SBPN+ ghrn96+HPLG/PBA


For GPS, Cell Phone Chargers.

Highest quality Powerlet plug and socket combination. The socket has a rubber terminal cover and tight fitting cap.

Comes with a plug rubber boot to make the plug socket combination more waterproof. When using a Hella plug and socket combination outdoors, there is a gap between the socket and the plug that is susceptible to water entry. The plug boot slides over any cigarette lighter plug or accessory plug . When the plug is inserted into the power outlet / socket, the boot presses up against the socket surface and forms a seal. No more blown fuses or intermittent operation.

Fits all 12 volt German Powerlet, BMW type sockets. For applications of under up to 10 amps at 12 volts.

Other lengts available.