Dual USB Highest Power 4.8 Amp Charger, Voltmeter Panel Mount 12V Outlet No LED

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This is a listing for one voltmeter and dual 4.8 amp high power USB charger combination that operates off of 12 volts. The assembly comes with a wire daisy chain jumper to allow for one connection to both the charger and meter. The material are of high quality and can be used for outside operation. No LED to draw down your battery.ycn/cvmr/cpa/t/4sq



Many charger are nominally rated or not rated at all. Other charging socket output 1, 2.1, 3.1 Amps, but these rating may only represent the maximum peak output rating and can not sustain that output for a prolonged period. Our chargers, including this one, at 4.8 Amps, are true rated which means they can maintain the rated output current for an indefinite period. This allows you to charge your USB accessories at maximum power. This charger's output is the highest in the industry. Each of the dual port can output a true 2.1 amps. Should your device require more than 2.1 amps the power is distributed as need to the individual ports up to 4.8 amps.

The socket body and charger are one piece, designed for outside use. The heavy weatherproof cap fits into and over the front of the charger to keep moisture out when not in use. This cap, unlike other caps, covers all of the individual USB port openings. The rubber washer provide a waterproof seal when panel mounting. The socket has 0.250 male spade type terminals for easy wire connections.

No LED, means lower power consumption.


This charger is rated for 4.8 amps at 5 V and can accept two USB devices. Unlike less expensive charger / adapters, this charger use built in integrated semiconductor technology to produce a constant 5 Volts DC This constant voltage source is important for operating and charging the batteries of your accessories, from a 12 volt source.


The meter has easy to read red LED segments and connect to your 12 volt system. Comes with a rubber sealing washer/ spacer. and female terminals. The meter body is made out of heavy nylon. The meter draws nominally 10 ma. and the range is 0-35 VDC.

The charger and voltmeter fits in a 1-1/8" holes in panels up to 1-1/2 inch thick with just the backing nut and in panels of unlimited thickness by placing the rectangular compression plate over the front of the two and securing it with two screws. See illustration.

The jumper connects both charger and voltmeter together with two 0.250 female connectors allows you to make one connection to your power source.