Dual Motorcycle Handlebar Mount USB Charger + 12 V Power Switch Plug Outlet swblk2+cpb+tmnt/+a60+2sbn

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Waterproof switch turns the USB charger on and off. Will not drain your battery.

Dual high power charger 4.8 amps, with watertight front cap.

Mount fits handlebars 3/4", 7/8", or 1". Includes 60 inch fused harness with waterproof fuse holder and protective rubber cover boots.

Comes assembled with instructions ready to mount.

Ships from the USA.

This listing is for one twin mount, one USB dual 4.8 amp charger and 12 volt power switch, marine grade. Also comes with terminal boots to protect the connections from weather and a 60" battery cable.

Attaches to your 12 volt source, allows you to charge USB and 12 volt accessories. iPhones, iPads, GPS, #swblk2+cpb+tmnt/+a60+2sbn

The Mount:

The dual mount can attach to a 3/4", 7/8" and 1" rail or handlebars. The mount is black UV resistant nylon and attaches to the handlebars or rail with a rail clamp and four screws.

The USB Chargers:

Each of the 4.8 amp USB charging sockets have an all in one integrated design. Has two ports each charging at 2.2 amp. A tight fitting cap protects the USB ports when not in use. All nylon construction and UV resistant.


Over-current over-voltage, over-load and over-temperature protection.

The intelligent control prolongs the life of the battery.

Environmentally friendly, energy-saving, complying with the safe certification standard.
High working efficiency: over 85%.
Rapid charging without overcharging your battery.

The Switch.

Powers the USB on and off. Allows all power to be switched off when not in use. The switch has a waterproof IP58 rated.

The Power cable.

Length 60 inches 16 AWG wire, with 1/4" battery ring terminals. Comes with rubber protective boots to protect the electrical connection. Fused with waterproof holder.