Ultra Bright Dome Dashboard Indicator Map Interior White LED Socket Light 12v w /Switch

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Easy to install waterproof / splash proof front.

White dash light with on-off switch. #LT2//SWBLK2/TPLT/4SQ
This is a listing for one light panel dashboard mount daylight bright white LED light with a on/off switch. Operates off of 12/24 volts AC/ DC. The assembly can be mounted in panels of unlimited thickness with the mounting plate. The front of the assembly waterproof. The light is high intensity and can be used to read maps and illuminates the immediate area. The electrical connections are male 1/4" fully insulated nylon male spade terminals.
Used as pilot, indicator, dome, notifier or panel light. For cars, truck, snowmobiles, boats, RV.
1) Voltage- 12 volts DC/AC ± 20%
2) Continual working life- 30000h
3) Brightness: 7000 MCD,
4) Frequency:DC or AC 50-60Hz
5) Connections are 1/4" male spade terminals.
6) Case material Nylon and vinyl. Environment condition:
7) Ambient temperature: -25° C~+55° C
8) Relative humidity:  98% 3) Normally work under following condition: Vibration frequency is 2-80Hz and acceleration at 0.7g