Alarm Mute Waterproof 12V Red LED Switch. Round Rocker Panel Socket Plug SPST Normally Closed #swr1-NC

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This is a SPST red illuminated switch that has normally closed (NC) contacts. When the switch is in the on postion it is open and the red LED is illuminated. It can be used as a mute switch for an alarm. When put in series with the alarm and the switch is in the on position, it will open and turn the alarm off. But the red light on the switch face plate is illuminated and acts as a reminder of the mute. It can also be used to disarm a device but the red light indicates that it is disabled. 

New and improved rubber front bellows seal that protects the switch from water. Positive feel when switch toggles.

Assembled and ships from the USA. 

-Splash proof front and back.       #SWR1-NC

-Red Illuminated Waterproof Rocker Switch –SPST NC normall closed contacts. Red light comes on when switch is on and contacts open.

-Nylon threaded switch housing mount in a 1-1/8” hole. Can be mounted in panels or dashboards up to 1-1/4” thick with the retaining nut and in panels of unlimited thickness with the mounting plate.

-12 volt operation: Rated for 16 amps at 12 volts.

-IP rating 63

-Non terminated wires. 150mm

-Illumination is low intensity for easier night vision.

-Three wire connection.