Waterproof Clock 12V-24V Marine Boat Car RV Exterior LED Round Panel Time with Bezel CLK1-R/rng1

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  • Listing is for one Auto style clock, and backing nut, and decorative bezel. 

  • Waterproof front and back
  • 24 hr Red LED display.

  • Display can be turned on and off while maintaining the uninterrupted time contiguously.

  • Fits 1-1/8" hole panel mount. Bezel diameter is 2.0 inches.

  • 12V or 24V operation. With display off draws 15 micro-amps, with display on 20 ma.

  • Color: housing is Black, LED display red.

  • Three pin input. 0.250 quick connect tabs. Pin 1. Ground or negative supply. Pin 2. 12 volts from battery ( maintains time continuously). Pin 3. 12 volts from switch or ignition to turn display on and off.

  • Setting the time:

  • 1. Adjust the hour:  touch and press for 3 seconds, hour position flashes, then press to advance the hours. Do not pause until hours are adjusted.

  • 2. Adjust minutes:  Pause for 3 seconds until minutes flash, then press to advance the minutes.

  • 3. Finish: Pause and set hours and minutes will be displayed.