Heavy Duty Appliance 2X Replacement Plug Springs Fuse Accessory Lighter Style 12 Volt #2sprng2

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This listing is for (2) two 12 volt heavy duty plug fuse springs rated at upto 20 amps at 12 volt appliance / accesory socket plugs. Fits standard plugs types that have a built in fuse, similar to what is shown. The plugs shown are not included in this listing.  The springs are 6mm x 8mm. Your plug may require one or two springs.

The spring is used on car fused lighter sytle socket plugs 12V or 24V.

See our other listing for a light duty style spring upto 15 amps at 12V #2sprng2

Note using this spring in any plug, does not make it a 20 amp plug. Plugs used for 20 amp operation require other heavy duty parts, like a bakalight body to disipate heat and heavy duty or eleongated negative cotnact springs.