Quality Waterproof Two 2 Pin Connector Wire Terminal Solar Panel Connector Marine w/ Boot 12V #cn1/sbpn

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Highest quality waterproof two wire/pin polarized connector that can be mounted in a panel of any thickness. Rubber seals on all connections and mount. Protected front and back. Tethered cap on both male plug and female socket, Rubber boot on female socket.  #cn1/sbpn
Used for marine applications, solar panel connections and weather exposed connections.
Polarization allows for a safe positive and negative connection that can't be crossed. Pin are marked with a 1 and 2 and Plus (+) and Minus (-). Pin 1 equals +. Pin 2 equals -.
This listing is for one two part waterproof panel connector for 12 volts. The female connector portion can be mounted in a panel of any thickness. A tethered cap encloses the connector when not in use. The male portion attaches to the application cable, also has a tethered cap. A packing nut on the back of male portion seals off the wire cable. The two connector parts attach together with screw coupling with rubber seals.
The female panel connector body when mounted in the panel is waterproof with the rubber sealing washer. IP66. Wires allow you to make the connections to the female panel connector. Solder connections on the male connector, wire 16 AWG typical, 14 AWG max.. Rated for 15 amps at 12 volts.
Mounts in hole of 1-1/8". Can mount in a panel 1-1/4" thick with just the backing nut. The compression rectangular mounting plate allows the connector to be mounted in a panel or dashboard of any thickness.