Loud 85db Electromechanical Buzzer 400hz Alarm 12V Alert Warning Signal #AL3#

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           This is a true loud electromechanical buzzer with a 400 hz low frequency alarm signal.

Great for Marine/RV applications. #AL3#

Alternative for Piezoelectric tonal alarm. 

Loud warning indicator alarm. Wire this alarm in parallel with any 12 volt warning light to be notified when there is a problem.

For bilge alarms, engine overheating, sump pump activation and low oil pressure.

Use with Boats, RV, Motorcycle, trucks, cars ATVs, snowmobiles, marine

Matches our standard line of 12 volt accessory or lighter sockets, USB charger sockets, switches and voltmeter. Used for custom dashboard or operating panels. 

Use this buzzer with our tonal alarm to have two distinct alarm indicators

This is a listing for one panel dashboard mounted socket buzzer alarm with a rubber sealing washer. When 12 volts is applied a 400 hertz electromechanical buzzer will activate. The housing is nylon and can be mounted in panels of unlimited thickness. The sealing washer makes the mounted assembly waterproof and vibration resistant. The connections are male 0.250 crimp terminals. Mounts in panels of 1-1/2" panels with just the backing nut and in panels of unlimited thickness with the mounting plate. Hole size 1-1/8". Body length 1-1/2". Wire pigtail 6", red and black wire, terminated with male crimps.

Operating Voltage: 9-16V

Rate Voltage: 12V DC

Buzzer Type: electromechanical

Frequency 400hz

Sound Level : 85 db

See our other listing if you need a high frequency tonal alarm.