Lithium ( lifepo4) 12 Volt Battery Low Voltage Detector Alarm Monitor Discharge level CBA7A/sw-LITH

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For 12 volt automotive style ithium ion batteries.  Marine, RV, house bank, solar storage. battery bank.   


For Lithium Ion batteries only. We also have them for AGM and Gel / lead acid batteries. Prevents dead batteries, Measure voltage tells you when to charge your AGM battery. Allows for maximum discharge, extends battery life bu not letting the battery become too discharged. Loud high pitched pulsating alarm with flashing red LED indicators.

Lithium Battery life is measured in charge cycles. To obtain maximum battery life the voltage must be maintained within a certain range (see chart ). If it is charged with too high of a voltage it will reduce the cycle life of the battery. While a lithium battery can be discharged to zero and still recover, if the voltage goes below a certain level the cycle life will be reduced. The charging source should protect the high end. This discharge alarm will indicate when the battery should be charged before the cycle life is diminished. 

Great for batteries on vehicles being stored. Trolling motors in use. Battery banks. Extends the life of your batteries by not letting them get discharged to zero.

The alarm will sound if your battery becomes discharged to the level at which it must be charged to maintain maxium battery life.

This device is connected to your battery and attaches to the battery terminal with a fused cable.. If your battery gets discharged below 12.7 volts the alarm will sound and a red LED will glow. This allows you to know when you must begin recharging your battery before the discharge becomes excessive. 

This listing is for one (1) Lithium Ion battery monitor with alarm and LED, rubber mounting washer. When the battery voltage drops below 12.7 volts the alarm and LED will be active. The alarm is a 80 db tonal alarm at 3000 hz. Operate down to 8 volts and up to 15 volts. The alarm voltage level is set at the factory using calibrated power supplies. Custom set levels are available upon request, prior to purchase. Maximum voltage level 16.0V.

Mounts in a hole 1-1/8" in panels up to 1-1/2" thick. Other mounts avaiable at our other listings.