24" Extension Cord Hella BMW Powerlet Plug Socket Extender 12 Volt #HB+SBPN+ hrn24+HPLG/PBA

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Extension Cord, BMW Powerlet Hella male on one end and female on the other- 24 inches long. #HB+SBPN+ hrn24+HPLG/PBA


For GPS, Cell Phone Chargers.

Highest quality Powerlet plug and socket combination. The socket has a rubber terminal cover and tight fitting cap.

Comes with a plug rubber boot to make the plug socket combination more waterproof. When using a Hella plug and socket combination outdoors, there is a gap between the socket and the plug that is susceptible to water entry. The plug boot slides over any cigarette lighter plug or accessory plug. When the plug is inserted into the power outlet / socket, the boot presses up against the socket surface and forms a seal. No more blown fuses or intermittent operation.

Fits all 12 volt German Powerlet, BMW type sockets. For applications of under up to 10 amps at 12 volts.

Other length available.