Continental DIN 12/V Accessory Panel Power Socket Outlet Fits BMW & Hella Plug #chb/sw

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Weather proof anti-vibration smaller panel mount socket called either a Powerlet Hermit or German socket type. Now with rubber seaing and mounting washer. #chb/sw

Rubber washer acts as a locking washer to prevent the nut from coming loose in high vibration installations.

Ships from the USA. Three day domestic delivery.

This socket type is extensively used throughout Europe for 12 volt portable accessories. It main advantages are that it is smaller than a normal 12 volt lighter style socket but has the same power rating. The socket with matching plug (sold at our other listing), snap together to provide an anti-vibration proof connection. A standard 12 volt lighter socket / plug connection uses a friction fit that can vibrate out of connection in mobile applications. This socket solves that problem with the snap together connection.

This listing is for one (1) weatherproof socket with a tight fitting open vinyl cap. The socket has brass and beryllium copper contacts with standard 0.250 spade type terminals in a heavy nylon body. The socket mounts in a "1-1/8" hole. The length of the socket is 1.5" from the inside flange face to the tip of the male terminals. The maximum panel depth thickness is 3/4". The rubber sealing washer seals the panel opening and makes the assembly more vibration proof. The socket is rated for 15 amps at 12 volts DC. The socket weight is 0.9 oz


The plug is not included in this listing just the socket shown. See our other listings for a BMW style plug.

This is not factory equipment manufacture by Hella or BMW.

Larger quantities pricing available upon request.