Continental DIN 12/V Accessory Panel Plug Socket Outlet Fits BMW & Hella Wires

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Weather proof anti-vibration smaller panel mount socket called either a Powerlet Hermit or German socket type. Now with fused wire harness. #chb/hrna

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This socket type is extensively used throughout Europe for 12 volt portable accessories. It main advantages are that it is smaller than a normal 12 volt lighter style socket but has the same power rating. The socket with matching plug (sold at our other listing), snap together to provide an anti-vibration proof connection. A standard 12 volt lighter socket / plug connection uses a friction fit that can vibrate out of connection in mobile applications. This socket solves that problem with the snap together connection.

This listing is for one (1) weatherproof socket with a tight fitting open vinyl cap and a 10 amp fused wire cable harness. The socket has brass and beryllium copper contacts with standard 0.250 spade type terminals in a heavy nylon body. The socket mounts in a "1-1/8" hole. The length of the socket is 1.0" from the inside flange face to the tip of the male terminals. The maximum panel depth thickness is 3/4". The socket is rated for 15 amps at 12 volts DC. The socket weight is 0.9 oz

The wire harness has a screw type fuse holder with a 10 amp fuse. The wires are 18 AWG, 60 cm /24 inches with split loom cover with ring terminals and female spade terminal.

The plug is not included in this listing just the socket shown. See our other listings for a BMW style plug.

This is not factory equipment manufacture by Hella or BMW.

Larger quantities pricing available upon request.