Bilge Pump Flashing Led & Tonal Alarm W/ Switch Panel Mount Marine Boat

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Bilge Pump Flashing LED and Tonal Alarm. Splash resistant panel. Can be heard over engine noise. #al1/swblk1/t/4sq

Easy to install. Switch and alarm go across the pump. Switch allows the alarm to be turned on and off.
Comes with instructions. Pre-wired panel.

Draws no power when not in use.

Also for engine over heating, sump pump activation and low oil pressure, raw water intake alarm.

Use with Boats, RV, Motorcycle, trucks, cars ATVs, snowmobiles, marine

Notifier Sonalert type


-Working Voltage: DC/AC 12 Volts +/- 20%

-Non-polarized connections.

-Anti-shock capability.

-Mounting Hole: 1-1/8" Panels of up to 1-1/2" thick with backing nut. Or panels of unlimited thickness with the mounting plate and screws.

-Continuous Working Life 30000h

-Sound volume: 80db

-Sound type: intermittent one second on/off

-LED Brightness:?500cd

-Minimum Working Current: 20mA

-Buzzer Type: Piezoelectric

-Frequency 3900: ±500Hz