Bilge Pump 12V Loud Tonal Alarm W/ Shutoff Panel + Side Mount Float Switch

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Extra Loud bilge alarm with side mount float switch. Mounts right or left. #CAL2/swblk2/t-/4/swflt1
Comes prewired- two wire connection allows you to wire it to the float switch. Splash resistant panel. Extra loud piercing alarm can be heard over engine noise. The switch allows you to turn off the alarm. Easy to install. Switch and alarm. Switch allows the alarm to be turned on and off. Draws no power when not in use.
NOTE: This is not a bilge pump switch. The switch is only to allow the alarm to be activated when the water level activates the switch.
Operating Voltage: 3 - 24V
Rate Voltage: 12V
Sound type: Piezoelectric Frequency 3900: ±500Hz Sound Level : 95 db
Switch contacts rated for 10 watts 1 amp max. For alarms only not for bilge pumps.