Bellows Type Waterproof Rocker Switch SPST Marine Panel Socket Round 12 Volt On Off #swblk1

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New and improved rubber front bellows seal that protects the switch from water. Positive feel when switch toggles.

Assembled and shipped from the USA. Patent Pending.

-Splash proof front and back. #SWBLK1



-Waterproof Rocker Switch –SPST



-Nylon threaded switch housing mount in a 1-1/8" hole. Can be mounted in panels or dashboards up to 1-1/4" thick with the retaining nut and in panels of unlimited thickness with the mounting plate.



-12 volt operation: Rated for 15 amps at 12 volts.



-Has male Ľ" crimp style disconnect terminals.

-Two wire connection black wires switch load.

-IP rating 64.

-Repairable replaceable switch. Can be removed from the housing front.



-LED illuminated versions of this switch are available at our other listings.