Battery 12V Voltmeter, Switch, 4.8A USB Charger, Voltage Alarm,, Plug & Socket #Qcn/CP/CR/CT/SWR3/CVMR/CBA7M/HPLT/4sq/B36

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Six hole panel includes the following components:

1. Waterproof illuminated red LED switch- turns on/ off all components.

2. Red LED digital voltmeter

3. Low battery voltage discharge tonal alarm and indicator. Let's you know when your battery needs to be charged.

4. Highest power 4.8 amp fast dual USB charger. Chargers two USB device in the fastest possible time.

5 Accessory 12 volt plug socket rated at 15 amps.

6. Heavy duty 20 amp appliance accessory that also works with the included hot pop out lighter plug.

7. Interconnecting wire and a 36" waterproof fused harness.


Front face of the panel is waterproof. Comes with everything for wiring. The switch will turn off the panel.

Monitor the battery voltage with red LED digital voltmeter. When battery voltage drops to 50% of capacity a loud alarm and red indicator module alert you to start to recharge before battery life is diminished.

The panel also contains plug sockets for USB devices, 12 volt accessories The high power appliance accessory socket can also be used to light cigarettes with the pop out lighter plug. The true 4.8 amp USB charger is the highest power available, can charge two USB devices in the at maximum charge rate.

Interconnecting jumper wires and 36 inch fused harness allows for quick easy connection to you battery. Instructions included. Plate is 5-3/4" x 3-1/4".