Assembled Power Panel Output 12V Voltmeter and Current Ammeter w/Switch Solar

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Comes fully assembled and wired. Four wire connection: two wires that go to you solar panel or power source and two wires that go to your regulator or load.
Know the instantaneous voltage and current being produced from your solar panels with up to 10 amps instantaneous output. Helps to adjust direction of the panel for maximum output.
Waterproof combination voltmeter and ammeter with on /off switch. Measures system voltage and current in amps. #SOL1/tplt or #SOL1/cmb2

Choice of mounting strategies: Either a panel mount or a free standing surface mount. Contact us after you buy to specify your choice. If you don't contact us we will send the panel mount assembly # sol1/tplt.
Designed to mount between the solar panel and the solar voltage regulator.

Pre- wired kit includes combination voltmeter and ammeter, waterproof on/ off switch, fused wiring and choice of mounts with screws. The kit has four wire leads two that connect to the solar panel and two that go to the regulator. Each pair have black and red leads. The assembly is fused for 10 amps and is designed to go between your panel and the regulator. With the switch on the meter display reads the instantaneous voltage and current being produced by the panel. When the switch is off the display is off and draws no power. Use with panels up to 1200 watts.

Meter and switch:
Rated for 4-30 volts DC
Current is 0 - 10 Amps maximum.
Red LED display.
Draws <20ma. when on.
The front is waterproof IP rated 63
Mount is UV resistant.
Input and output are 10" wire two pair of leads-/red and black 16 AWG. Includes 10 amp ATO fuse.