Add Accessory Lighter Male Socket Plug 12 Volt Replacement Auto Car #plgK Charger

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This is a replacement plug kit that allows you to add a plug to your 12 volt accessory charger or cord if the original has become damaged. The 12 Volt Plug- Fits all 12 volt style lighter or accessory sockets. #PLGK

Plug kit allows you to quickly add a plug or install a replacement plug.

Good for cell phones, GPS, chargers of all types and electronic projects.

No soldering required or frustratingly small screw terminals.

The plug kit comes with a 12 volt plug with dual nickel plated contacts a wire pigtail with two butt splice connectors and a length of heat shrink tubing. All you have to do is put your wires into the butt splice connectors. Then crimp your wires to the butt splice connectors. Slide the heat shrink tubing over the connection and heat the tubing to produce a neat splice. Fits all 12 volt lighter style sockets. For applications of under 50 watts ( 3 amps) at 12 volts.