Add a right angle boot to your socket purchase- special listing

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Socket Contact Boot Vinyl- Right Angle for tight installations includes right angle female terminals.

Contact us for combined shipping when you buy a socket product at the same time. #RB

Protects the wire contacts of the plastic socket from exposure. The boot has an opening for the wires at its base ( wires shown but not included). When placed over the wire connections of socket, the assembly becomes weather resistant.

This listing to allow you to add a right angle contact boot to your purchase of a socket or a socket /mount /harness combination. For tight installations. Reduces the clearance at the back of the socket by up to 3/4".

Because we ship often, this must be purchased at the time you buy one of our socket products so we can be sure to include this in your shipment. We will match this boot purchase with your other socket purchase and ship together.

-Add a mounting hole bore. Allows you to drill or enlarge a hole in your panel or dash to mount this product. See 121486220109.