Add A Fuse Kit Inline Fuse Littlefuse Holder ATC ATO Motorcycle Marine. #fsbk15

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Marine applications, motorcycle, RTV, ATV, truck, car, trailer, snowmobile. #FSBK15

Littlefuse holder, fuses and assortment of crimp connectors makes it easy to add a fuse to your project.

Add a fuse to your installation. This kit contains:

A waterproof USA brand high quality Littlefuse inline fuse holder with 16 -14 Ga 8" wire leads, one 15 amp automotive style ATO standard blade fuses, two butt splice crimp wire to connectors, one crimp 1/4"and 5/16" ring connector for motorcycle battery terminals and other type screw terminals, one female/male piggyback crimp .250 blade quick connector for spade type terminals and one female and one male .250 crimp connector.