Accessory Lighter Socket Outlet Jack 12 Volt Wire Harness Loom 36” Motorcycle

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Wire loom Socket / Outlet harness 36" with waterproof fuse holder and 15 amp fuse. Attaches directly to your battery.

Use for hooking up lighter and accessory 12 volt sockets, #bhrn36
The harness is rated for 15 amp operation at 12 volts.

This listing is for one 36 inch wire harness / loom assembly made with red and black low profile copper wire in a black insulation jacket. The harness has a molded in waterproof vinyl ATC fuse holder and a 15 amp fuse inserted in the red lead. The harness is terminated with 1/4" female crimp or spade connectors that fits lighter and accessory sockets products. On the opposite end, it's terminated in 1/4" ring terminals that are compatible with most motorcycle style batteries. Also available in 60". See listing 121264213736.

Contact us if you are interested in higher quantities above ten.

-Add a socket switch waterproof-Single pole single throw (SPST). Rubber switch cover and sealed back fits in a socket hole. Wire crimp connections. See 121422944323.