Accessory Cigarette Lighter Socket Outlet 12 Volt Motorcycle w/ Wire Harness Kit

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Make your own custom harness/loom for RV, Boat, Motorcycle- #MSR+/KHRN

Kit allows you to wire the socket to your battery with a fuse and a wire harness length of desired length.

This is a kit includes a female socket assembly, terminal boot, clear glow ring, 6 feet of black and red wire, water proof fuse holder and fuse, two 1/4" ring type connectors for battery terminal connection, two butt splice connectors to connect fuse holder, two quick .250 female spade quick connects that mate with the socket, and cable tie wraps to secure the wires.


Now with a snap on socket lid that will always fit tight. Most sockets have a slip on socket lid that often does not stay seated, especially in hot weather. This socket has a lid that snaps on over the front of the socket that produces a waterproof seal.



The socket assembly consists of a core socket that is nickle plated and has a ceramic insulator with copper/brass contacts. The outer insulating shell is nickel plated and screws onto the iner socket. The assembly comes a vinyl opening cap that seals the opening. The socket mounts in 7/8 inch whole and is held in place with the outer shell in panels upto 1/4 inch thick. It is rated at 20 amps, 12 volts DC.