2X Waterproof Fuse Holder 12V w/Wires Glass Dash Panel Mount 15A Screw Front Cap #2fsp15

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Panel Mount Fuse Holder with wires. Includes glass 15 amp fuse standard 5x20mm. Wire leads 150 mm. Water resistant front surface.   #FSP15

Marine and Industrial applications, motorcycle, RTV, ATV, truck, car, trailer, snowmobile.                                                                                            

Fuse holder with 15 Amp fuse.

This listing is for two panel mount fuse holder 12 volt / 24 volt. Include 15 amp fuse 5 x 20 mm glass fuse. Comes with a nylon mounting washer for sealing or to act as a lock washer. Copper and brass construction with screw cap. Splash proof front . Wire leads 150 mm. Mounts in panels with 7/16" ( 10 mm) hole. Panel thickness of 1/4" thick with the backing nut. 

Socket shown not included in this listing.