2x Cigarette lighter Cover Cap Replacement Metal Cigarette Lighter 12 V sockets

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Lighter socket openings vary slightly in size, so not all caps fit all sockets tightly. This cap fits US imported and domestic cars and trucks lighter /accessory sockets. Imported caps my not fit your socket.

Replacement or spare socket caps for 1" metal cigarette style lighter sockets. NOW WITH UV BLOCK TO PREVENT THEM FROM CRACKING.


This listing is for two (2) vinyl cap that will fit a standard cigarette style lighter sockets found in most cars and trucks. The cap end will fit over the socket opening. The retaining ring is designed for a 1"- 3/4" socket body as shown above. The socket not included in this listing. This cap is not for plastic sockets that are 1-1/8" in diameter. Quantity discounts available.

-Extended warranty. This product comes with a one year warranty for damage during normal use. Just return it for repair or replace. If you want to extend the basic warranty period to three years, buy this