12V Battery Voltmeter Blue Three Banks w/Switch Marine USB Charger & Plug Socket #Swb3/qcn/CP/CR/3CVMB/SMNT/4sq/

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Includes three battery bank voltmeter monitor, highest power USB charger 4.8 amps, 12 volt accessory socket and LED power switch.

Front face of the panel is waterproof. Comes with everything for wiring. The switch will turn off the USB charger and 12 volt accessory socket. Three bank blue battery display.

Monitor the voltage of three battery banks. Two house batteries and a starting battery. Connect wires from your batteries to the panel. Waterproof switch turns the voltmeters on and off. #Swb3/qcn/CP/CR/3CVMB/SMNT/4sq

This is a high quality voltmeter assembly for checking the state of your batteries and battery charger. The state of your batteries between full charged and discharged. Can indicate a poor or bad charging system. Tells whether your battery is holding a charge or not. The waterproof (non illuminated) switch allows you to turn the meters on and off for viewing.  Power to the 12 volt socket and USB charger is can be continuous.



The meters have easy to read blue LED segments (also available in red upon request) and connect to your 12 volt banks. The meter switch front is splash proof, standard is blue ( red also available) The meter draws nominally 10 ma. and the range is 5-35 vdc.

The six hole mounting plate allows the assembly to be mounted in a panel of any thickness.