12 Volt Red Voltmeter LED Digital, Chargers Outlet Socket LED lLarge Body #cvmr-sw

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Panel mount red digit voltmeter with rubber sealing washer and terminals cvmr-#

This is a high quality voltmeter for checking the state of your battery and battery charger. The state of your battery between full charged and discharged. Can indicate a poor or bad charging system. Tells whether your battery is holding a charge or not.

The meter has easy to read red LED segments and connect to your 12 volt system. It mounts in a 1-1/8" hole in panels up Ľ" thick, a nylon retaining nut holds the meter in place. The socket body is made out of heavy nylon. The rubber sealing washer ensures a more water resistant panel installation. The meter draws nominally 10 ma. and the range is 5-35 vdc.