12 Volt Breaker Failure Blown Fuse Alarm Alerts to a Circuit Loss Panel Mount CAL2/LBL/sw

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Emergency 12 volt Fuse or circuit breaker loss.

Want to know if one of your important 12 volt fused circuits has failed or blown a fuse? This device goes across your fuse holder, if the fuse opens, an alarm will sound. Comes with a custom label tag and rubber mounting washer. #CAL2/sw/lbl

Dashboard mount, Splash resistant.

Great for Marine applications.

Extra loud warning indicator alarm with cap. Wire this alarm across your 12 volts to know if an important 12 volt circuit goes out.

For Bilge circuits, Sump pump, Light circuit, Steering, Generator

Use with any 12 volt installation.

Matches our standard line of 12 volt accessory or lighter sockets, USB chargers.

Fuse holder not included in this listing.